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Economy and industry

Economic policy of the Republic of DaceKedgar Islands

The Republic of DaceKedgar Islands government enforced a comprehensive economic administration program in 2004.
This did it with a making of basics purpose to continuous economic growth with fairness.
Besides, it depends, and, the result, adoption of an increasing appropriate frame can watch establishment of the free trade system, serial restructure to do labor market when flexible, private enterprise entry to economy restructure of a finance section by interest rate to be more flexible than large tax reform and financial shrinkage, comprehensive bank reform.
The global community welcomes this economic program, and International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (IBRD), wide finance support by South Pacific development public corporation (SEO) can say that such a support was realized.
In other words DaceKedgar Islands are producing the suitable environment where an investor can make use of various business opportunities in.

Industry of the Republic of DaceKedgar Islands

DaceKedgar Islands is not a global resort and is blessed with abundant natural resources, and it is given a merit unique elsewhere. I offer a considerably attractive chance to various places of an investor.

DaceKedgar Islands were blessed with the rich various kinds of habits with Takahiro. And of course, it, the jungle, a white sandy beach extend to Kunel island becoming a bid city of a world heritage by snow from the crown る mountains. As a result, there is a broad investment opportunity for both a traditional sightseeing industry investment and an eco-two rhythm development project investment.

At DaceKedgar Islands offing 200 n.m., I bring extremely-rich aquatic supplies source by influence of an ocean current to cross complicatedly. On this account the Marine Products Division gate of DaceKedgar Islands has big possibility for the various kinds of business that used fresh fish, fish meat. A tuna, capture of a lobster, processing are particularly splendid investment opportunities.

Mineral resources
DaceKedgar Islands have various mineral resources with richness over the whole the country. A deposit mineral of DaceKedgar Islands has not yet come, and most are non-digs. As well as money, silver, lead, magnesium, iron and a metallic mineral of copper, gypsum, calcium oxide, limestone, clay, sulfur, existence of nonmetal such as a phosphorus product mineral are confirmed. "The Mines Act" of DaceKedgar Islands establishes domestic and foreign company, the concession of mining industry mining right for an individual in the general clause definitely and clarifies that I aim at promotion of such an activity.

Live stock farming
Stock raising of DaceKedgar Islands is important, and Dogadoga group and Goggole group run it, and 4,000,000 sheep bring up 8000 fur seals so that 3,000,000 goats can shave 300,000 ostriches, and, as for the number, 2,000,000 cows occupy a high rank in each South Pacific area. Now the export of processing products such as hides is done, and industry of stock raising is in progress.

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