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Visa information

Business hours of DaceKedgar embassy are up to 1:00PM-3:00PMs.
However, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and holiday are excluded.
It is after application to be able to receive the visa for two days.

Tourist visa

If you have an effective passport and you are scheduling the stay within 90 days by the sightseeing purpose need not get a visa.

Visa of going abroad to study

The following documents are necessary to go to study to DaceKedgar islands.
a. Visa application form filled in(Two photographs are necessary. )
b. Passport(There must be validity term of six months or more. )
c. Entrance permit of educational institution that DaceKedgar Islands Department of Education has authorized
d. Document that proves solvency(Even the copy of the bank book of the bank account is acceptable. )
e. Permit to enter school
It is possible to extend though the validity term of the visa is one year.

Business visa

a. Passport with expiration date(more than six months + stay days)
b. One photograph (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm) color
c. Round-trip ticket..return..airplane..reservation..prove..document.
d. Application(This application form is common to the kind of all visas and nationalities. )
c. Visa issuance commission: Single 5,500 yen, Multiple 7,000 yen
d. English letter of recommendation from enterprise.
In the issuance commission of a business visa, the single is 7500 yen, and the multiple is 12,000 yen.
Besides this, the sightseeing single visa of the validity term one month can be applied for when arriving at the airport and the port in DaceKedgar islands.
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