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● News from DaceKedgar Islands

2005 -Penguins' Year

The DaceKedgar Islands government places 2005 with "Penguins' Year" and I give a country a thing of a slogan with "more penguins" and campaign.
The event that made a penguin a theme in DaceKedgar Islands each place is held and introduces it to South Pacific area about life and an environmental problem of penguins to spend and a relation of a penguin.
In Japan, I am going to hold an event a thing of cooperation of a Penguins Party of Japan.

● Access

1-18-3 Okanoue-Koen
Musashino-shi Tokyo ,Japan 180-0000
8minutes from Okanoue-Koen Station.

OPEN 13:00〜17:00
CLOSED Wednesday,Saturday,Sunday and Holidays

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